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Sage FX: A Platform That Speaks to the Wise

A wise person once said, “Knowledge is power”. So, let knowledge be your guiding force, connect with your inner sage. Let’s explore the benefits that Sage FX offers to your trading journey.

SageFX - Oct, 08, 20

*Sage FX would like to state that traders should research extensively before following any information given hereby. Any assumptions made in this article are provided solely for entertainment purposes and not for traders to guide or alter their positions. Please read our Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure for more information.

Your Steps to Wiser Trading

Our core motivation is to inspire a new tribe of traders that have access to the best tools that help them become wiser, with every trade. True mastery of the self comes from learning about your emotions and being able to leave them at the door. A wise trader is able to trade judiciously and learn a lesson from every loss. We have instilled the values of trust and knowledge at the heart of our trading platform, to bring you to complete peace of mind and closer to success.

Whether you are just starting out on your trading journey or you’re a trading master, there is always a lesson. The most valuable pearl of wisdom to understand is trading is not a quick shortcut to instant wealth. It is a process steeped in the ritual of learning. So, start off by gaining (and retaining) information. This can be done through reading guides and keeping up to date with the latest news. Check out what market analysts have to say on YouTube or social media, or take online courses. Most importantly, start trading, the best learning curve is in doing. This way you can learn more about the patterns and different trading strategies that will shape the way that you trade in the future. In other words, navigate and engage with the market to gain an understanding of what it is all about.

Trade Like a Sage

The forex market is open 24 hours from Sunday to Friday so you have the flexibility of being a day trader, a part-time trader, or a swing trader and the convenience of incorporating trading in every lifestyle. Our spreads are easy to navigate and include FX Majors, Cryptos, FX Crosses, Indices & Commodities with each having between eight and twenty pairs. We have created a dynamic Sage MT4 Demo account feature so that you can immerse yourself in the trading experience.

Our demo account offers:

✓ The possibility to practice your trading on a customizable demo account

✓ Links to videos and original trading content

✓ The option to become part of our trading community and learn with other traders

✓ Test new strategies and methods

Once you are feeling more confident, you can then move on to creating a Sage FX MT4 Live account.

Our live account offers you:

✓ Leverage up to 500:1

✓ Raw spreads from 0.1 pips

✓ STP execution

✓ 24/7 customer support

✓ Multiple deposit & withdrawal methods

✓ FIX API accounts available

We also offer a dedicated 24/7 customer support service and lightning-fast ECN technology that connects our traders to all global markets. Whether it is personalized advice from an experienced affiliate account manager or round-the-clock support from our customer service team at any stage of your trading journey; we are available via Live Chat, Email, Phone, and Social Media.

Missteps Are Lessons In a Different Guise

A wise forex trader knows that missteps are part of the trading experience and perceived mistakes are in reality lessons in a different guise. This is the single most important lesson that every trader should keep in mind.

However, this is not the only essential guiding principle. It is also important to establish a trading plan of action. When it comes to averaging down, traders must not add to the positions but preferably sell losses immediately with an arranged exit strategy. Moreover, make sure that your expectations are realistic. Markets fluctuate on a daily basis; dissect what is being offered on any given day and see if it fits within your trading goals.

To the uninitiated, the markets may seem like a mysterious foreign land. However, with Sage FX to guide you along the path, you will swiftly transform from student to master with many invaluable trading lessons under your belt.

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