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Different Instrument/Pair Types on TradeLocker

SageFX TradeLocker offers traders the chance to trade Forex Pairs with different spread or lot size options.

When searching for a Forex Pair on TradeLocker, you will find different types of pairs:

  • Standard pairs, which have a medium spread and a $7 commission per lot (e.g., EUR/USD).
  • Pro pairs, which have a tight spread and a $7 commission per lot (e.g., EUR/
  • Var pairs, which have a higher spread but no commission fees (e.g., EUR/USD.var).
  • Mini pairs, which have smaller lot sizes (1 lot = 1,000 units) with a $1 commission (e.g., EUR/

You are free to choose the pair type that fits your trading style. 


You can trade all different pair types in one account, which eliminates the need for multiple accounts with varying conditions.

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